This portion of the site is intended to act as a general GIS data portal to access downloadable data from other agencies throughout the state of South Carolina. If you do not find a particular type of data of interest, please contact us and we will assist you.

If you are a South Carolina organization/agency and would like your data to appear here for download/access - please contact us. We are interested in making as much data available as possible. You do not have to be a state agency to have your data posted here.

Please note that all data and services referenced, linked, or downloadable here is provided as-is, and is available with no warranty expressed or implied. Use of the data is up to the discretion of the user, and the providing state agencies and the Geographic Information Council are not liable for any use or consequence of use of the data.

Data Services

NOTE: This is a new section and new offerings are actively being sought out. Please provide additional resources.

These are data services that are available as web applications and can be used/viewed in a web browser. By modifying the URL some can be added into existing web applications by developers, and into ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Explorer by individuals at home or in their offices. Some If you find a link is down, or have additional links/services to suggest, please contact us. Please note, links have been provided/forwarded by both state and local organizations - thank you for your assistance.

GISandFlexApps Forum - join the Yahoo forum for more information on available data feeds, widgets, etc. This forum is open to anyone interested. You can go to and search Groups for "GISandFlexApps" to get connected.

GeoRSS basics
RSS to GeoRss Converter

State Agency Services

Geodetic Survey - Control Points
Department of Commerce - Building and Sites Locator
Department of Health and Environmental Control (health facilities, restaurants, beach advisories, etc.)
Department of Natural Resources (data viewer, GAP Analysis - species, land cover, etc.)
Department of Transportation - live traffic count, traffic cameras (can be linked by camera ID), web application showing traffic speed, traffic cameras, and other info
Clemson - water monitoring stations - this is still being refined (May 2010) but can be worked with for now. The link will be modified - if it doesn't work, let us know. It has 460 observations, icluding lake headwater and tailwater heights, reservoir height, stream flow and gage height and groundwater height.  These are mapped to the SC River Basins that span NC and GA.
Forestry Commission - two data feeds are now available and updated every 30 minutes from the Forestry Commission's computer aided dispatch.  You can connect to them here: burns and wild fires as data feeds, or view the map services here:

Local Government Services

Some local government organizations host their own GIS data online. These links are available on the Contacts page. If an entity's name (e.g. municipality or county) is hyperlinked, it will take you to their GIS web page or mapping service.

Other Data Services

Text Data Feeds

The State - Metro -
The State -Breaking News
SC Voting -
Reuters (various weather feeds, traffic feeds) -

Web Cams

SCE&G - Lake Murray Cam
SCIWay -

Data for Download

Below are individual data layers available for download that can be saved to a hard drive and used for analysis/display purposes.

Airports (civil) - coming soon

Airports (commercial) - coming soon

Economic Data by County - includes hourly wage, per capita income, JTC and tax rates

Foreign Trade Zones

New Market Tax Credit - includes info from Census, HUD, SBA, etc. Check field metadata for more information. Download this document for additional information on the indicators and the process.

Recycling - recycling industries, facilities, drop-off sites and curbside collection

Rail - all rail lines have been photo-revised in order to line up with the high resolution orthophotos for the state. Ownership information is where known, as well as if the line is abandonded - current as of July 2009

SC OneStop - locations of SC One Stop career centers throughout the state

SC Electric Cooperative Service Areas

NC Electric Cooperative Service Areas

Major Electric Service Providers Service Areas

Natural Gas Service Areas

The links below will take you to the download location for DHEC. Most of the layers are available for immediate download via one or more formats - ArcView Shapefiles, File GeoDatabase, or Google Earth File (KMZ).

The listing of the layers is provided here to allow for text-based searches of available data layers while on this site in order to assist you with finding what you need. If you have difficulty downloading the data from the DHEC website, please contact Jeannie Eidson (803.898.4199) or Phil Weinbach (803.898.0550) for assistance.

Layer Source
Air Monitoring Stations Bureau of Air Quality
Air Regulated Facilities Bureau of Air Quality
Inactive Air Monitoring Stations Bureau of Air Quality
303(d) 2010 Assessed Stations Bureau of Water
401 Public Notices Bureau of Water
Ambient Ground Water Quality Stations Bureau of Water
Approved TMDL Sheds Bureau of Water
Approved TMDL Sites Bureau of Water
Beach Monitoring Stations Bureau of Water
Fish Advisory (Polygonal) Bureau of Water
Fish Advisory Streams Bureau of Water
Fish Tissue Monitoring Sites Bureau of Water
Macroinvertebrate Stations Bureau of Water
Modeled Stream Segments Bureau of Water
MS4_Designation Bureau of Water
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Bureau of Water
Nationwide Water Permits Bureau of Water
Navigable Lakes Bureau of Water
Navigable Streams Bureau of Water
Navigable Water Permits Bureau of Water
Permitted Agricultural Facilities (Animal Farms) Bureau of Water
Recreational Waters Bureau of Water
SCDHEC Major Basin Boundaries Bureau of Water
Shellfish Harvest Classification Bureau of Water
Shellfish Monitoring Stations Bureau of Water
State Permitted Dams Bureau of Water
Water Quality Monitoring Stations Bureau of Water
EQC Regional and District Areas Environmental Services
EQC Regional Office Locations Environmental Services
Above Ground Storage Tanks Land and Waste Mangement
Compliance and Enforcement Sites Land and Waste Mangement
Comprehensive, Environmental Response, Compensation Land and Waste Mangement
Dry Cleaners Land and Waste Mangement
Formally Utilized Defense Sites Land and Waste Mangement
Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal Land and Waste Mangement
Infectious Waste Generators Land and Waste Mangement
Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Land and Waste Mangement
Mines (Points) Land and Waste Mangement
Non-Commercial Recycling Sites Land and Waste Mangement
Solid Waste Landfills Land and Waste Mangement
Underground Storage Tanks Land and Waste Mangement
OCRM Critical Area Ocean and Coastal Resources Mgmt.
Ports Ocean and Coastal Resources Mgmt.
EMS Providers Public Health Informatics
Food Facilities Public Health Informatics
Funeral Homes Public Health Informatics
Health Departments and Clinics Public Health Informatics
Health Facilities Public Health Informatics
Health Regional Offices Public Health Informatics
SC Day Care Facilities Public Health Informatics

A lot of data is available via the DNR GIS Clearinghouse. A brief listing of data is included here with key words for searching. Click on any data link will take you to the actual clearinghouse to download.

Category / Layer Description Status
Digital Line Graphs (1:24,000-scale) includes Hydrography, Hypsography, Transportation and Boundary layers (16 layers total) – Partnered development with USGS Available
Digital Raster Graphics (1:24,000-scale) – provided by the SC Dept. of Commerce Available
Digital Elevation Models (1:24,000-scale) – Partnered development with USGS Available
Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangles (1:12,000-scale, Color infrared) 1994 (Coastal only), 1999 and 2006/07 – Partnered development with multi-agency consortium Available
Wetlands & land cover  (1:24,000 scale) – National Wetlands Inventory with Anderson, Level II uplands – Partnered development with USFWS Available
Soils (1:24,000-scale) SSURGO level from NRCS (SCS) county soil surveys Available
DNR boat ramps Available
Geologic structures In process
Hydrologic ground water wells In process
Freshwater fisheries stream assessment surveys In process
Natural color high resolution oyster bed imagery (one-quarter meter ground resolution) Available
Artificial reef locations Available
SC Gap Analysis Products (raster-based products for land cover and 454 predicted species distributions) Available
LIDAR  - high resolution digital elevation data, Partnered development with multi-agency consortium In process
Land cover from Landsat Thematic Mapper (30x30 meter pixel) - 13 classes for 1983/86, 1992/93, 1997/98, 2002/03 and 2008. In process
Download LiDAR Data Available

Offenders - a GIS layer of offenders is available for law enforcement related activities. Due to the sensitive information contained in the file, this layer is not available for general download. If you work for a law enforcement agency, please contact them and they can help make arrangements to provide the information to your organization.

Sex Offender Registry - a GIS layer of sex offenders currently being monitored is available for law enforcement related activities. The listing for all registered sex offenders is maintained by South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED).

Sex Offender Map - - The map provides a general overview of the distribution of sex offenders currently under supervision by the State. For more specific information, see SLED.

Traffic Control Points - this file denotes the traffic control points that are used during hurricane evacuation procedures. Data last updated 2013.

Traffic Count Information - the traffic count location points have been updated. In the past this data has been available as a text file only. Now it is available as a shapefile and contains the average annual traffic counts for the state for 2008. For more information on the data, please visit the traffic count page at SC DOT.

Traffic Count Stations - statewide layer of traffic count stations maintained by SC DOT

Railroads - zipped shapefile of railroads across the state

Highways - all highways in South Carolina that the SC DOT maintains. This layer is continually being updated.

Other Roads - other roads on file with SC DOT that are not directly maintained by SC DOT

Bridges - all bridges in South Carolina that the SC DOT maintains.

Annexations - this file contains all of the known annexations that meet statutory requirements. See metadata file for more information. This file last updated February, 2010.

Fire Stations - statewide layer of fire stations (both state and locally run stations). A few new stations have been added and almost all have been placed using parcel information, recent county orthophotos, or by using the 2006 DOQQs. Last updated March, 2012.

Burns - data feed on burns, updated every 30 minutes from the Forestry Commission's computer aided dispatch.   It is a geoRSS feed and can be incorporated into applications such as ESRI's Flex viewer (e.g. VIPER application). It is not readily readable by all web browsers so the link may need to be copied to the desired location.

Wild fires - data feed on wild fires, updated every 30 minutes from the Forestry Commission's computer aided dispatch.   It is a geoRSS feed and can be incorporated into applications such as ESRI's Flex viewer (e.g. VIPER application). It is not readily readable by all web browsers so the link may need to be copied to the desired location.

Emergency Operations Centers - Emergency Operations Centers across the state

Hurricane Evacuation Zones - hurricane evacuation zones across the state. Updated 2012.

Hurricane Evacuation Routes - these are the individual roads/routes that are designated as hurricane evacuation routes. Updated 2012

SLOSH Model Files - files generated from a model developed by the National Weather Service to help determine how high/far storm surge will go. You can download the files below. Updated 2011 and released 2012.

Hurricane Conglomerates - evacuation recommendations are based on coastal region.  Conglomerates are based around the major population centers along the coastline.  Since hurricane evacuation orders are issued on the state level by conglomerate, this eliminates confusion between counties when citizens have to leave an area that could be affected by a potential disaster

Regional Emergency Managers - shows what counties make up each region

Shelters - hurricane shelters, includes flag field to indicate if the facility is generator ready

400 Scale Grid - shapefile grid for the state showing the locations and names of all of the orthos at 400 scale.

200 Scale Grid - shapefile grid for the state showing the locations and names of all of the orthos at 200 scale.

100 Scale Grid - shapefile grid for the state showing the locations and names of all of the orthos at 100 scale.


Schools  - This is a K-12 schools layer current as of end of year 2010. It was built using data from SC Department of Education, the private schools survey, cross-checked against Homeland Security data as well as data provided by counties in SC that maintain a schools layer. The school locations were ortho-verified so that the points sit on top of the schools (+/- 4 foot horizontal accuracy). A few locations could not be verified via ortho (almost all administrative buildiings), and this is noted in the attribute table.

School Districts - all school districts up to date as of 2012.


Political Districts:

Legislative and Congressional Districts (Updated 2012)

Congress - H.3992 Senate - S.815 House - H.3991 Plan

District Maps - you can download completed district maps in PDF format for U.S. Congressional Districts, S.C. Senate Districts, S.C. House Districts as well as other info

Other data available from Research and Statistics has been uploaded to the U.S. Census for greater availability. Please download from their site.

GIS Inventory - Previously known as RAMONA, this site has additional links on GIS data layers and personnel contacts. Not all organizations within South Carolina are currently participating in the program, but it still contains excellent information.

Geographic Information
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